Chicago Based Makeup Artist


           Thank you so much for checking out my website. My name is Jerilyn and I'm a professional makeup artist and owner of Makeup by Jerilyn. I've been doing makeup my entire life, and can't think of anything I am more passionate about. I love helping people feel beautiful and confident. I see beauty in every single one of my clients, and my goal is to make them see that in themselves.

           I was first intrigued by makeup at the age of 5, as my mom prepared me for a dance recital. From that moment on, I was hooked. I did makeup on my grandma in grade school, friends' makeup for dances in middle school and high school, and eventually went on to do people's makeup for events in college. I have always been known by all my friends and family as the makeup queen. And with each year, my skills improved and my makeup collection grew (and grew...and grew...).

           After graduating from Elmhurst College with a double major in Psychology and English, it was time to decide what I wanted to do with my life. The plan had always been to get my Master's in Psychology and open my own practice. But as graduation neared, I realized I had been disregarding something I was truly passionate about; something I loved, but never thought I could make a career out of. I honestly hadn't even thought about it as being an option until then. But I couldn't shake the feeling that makeup artistry was something I had to try. So that was it. I was going for it, and nothing would stop me.

           I threw myself into every aspect of the makeup world I could find. I did photoshoots, films, commercials, worked under other artists, worked for makeup companies, took training courses, and worked on as many faces as I possibly could. I wanted to be the absolute best at what I did. I'm a perfectionist at heart, so I wouldn't accept anything less than perfect from my skills. I eventually discovered that one of the best places for this type of artist was in the wedding industry. Brides want to look perfect, flawless, incredible on their big day. And I was the go-to girl for that. I listened to my clients, asked lots of questions, had them send me photos, and incorporated their individuality into each makeup look. I wanted them to look like their best version of themselves. Not mine; not some else's. And clients really appreciated that.

           I soon realized that there was a deeply engrained problem within this industry. Many makeup artists had a very specific look they liked, so that is the look they would do on almost every client. Now we all have a certain esthetic that we are drawn to. And if that is what my client likes as well, wonderful. But every client is so different. We all have different face shapes, eye shapes, skin color, skin tone, hair color, and most importantly, different styles - how can the same look be used on all of them? It is my job to find out what my client wants, and bring that vision to fruition. So that is one of the cornerstones of my business. Listening, communicating, and being open to all styles, even if they aren't my own. Because the most important thing to me, is my client leaving feeling happy and beautiful.

           After 5 years of painstaking work honing my craft and growing my business, I have found myself in a really wonderful place. I am extremely confident in my craft. I've had many wonderful experiences, but also some difficult ones that have taught me so much. I know I can provide my client's with not only the best makeup application, but also the best customer service. I truly love what I do and the people I do it with.

           I have been lucky enough to have the most amazing clients who have not only been a pleasure to work with, but have also referred their friend's and family to me. That is the most flattering thing someone can do. The fact that my clients trust me with their loved one's, means the world to me. That is how my business has grown to be as successful as it is. So thank you to all my clients: past, present, and future. You have made my business what it is, and you will always be the most important part of what I do.

           I hope I have the chance to work with each and every one of you. I've put my everything into this business, and if you give me the opportunity to work with you, I promise you will not regret it.